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CliMate Data Issues
CliMate Data Issues 05 Aug 2021
Recent changes to SILO have lead to some incompatibilities with CliMate, resulting in the occasional corrupted datafile and subsequent crashes in CliMate.  For web-users, we will endeavour t...

How's the Season?

Rain, temperature, radiation

Track the current season's progress compared to past seasons.

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How Often?

Rainfall, temperature, radiation, heat sum, risk assessment

Explore probabilities of future rainfall and temperature events based on past seasons.

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How Wet/Nitrate?

Soil water & nitrate

Assess how soil water and nitrate have changed over the current fallow season.

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Yield Potential?

crop yield

Yield potential based on water supply (soil water + in_crop rain) and water use efficiency.

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Drought, percentiles, rainfall deficit, residence period

Drought? provides a monthly update of drought status using the Drought Percentile Method.

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How Hot/Cold?

Cold & heat stress

Assess the chance of heat-stress and cold-stress events for any day of the year.

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How's the Past?

Rain, temperature & radiation

Review historical monthly and annual rainfall, temperature and solar radiation patterns.

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What Trend?

rainfall, temperature, solar radiation

Explore trends in meteorological data over different periods in recent history (1900 onwards)..

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