How's the Season?

Track the current season's progress compared to past seasons.

Rain, temperature, radiation

How's the season? uses long term weather records to compare the current season (rainfall, temperature, heat sums and radiation) against all years (selectable periods).

Season’s progress? efficiently explores long term data and graphically presents the cutrrent season in relation to previous seasons.

Enterprises that continually assesses seasons’ progress compared to the average and adjust inputs accordingly. Crop progress and expectations are influenced by rainfall, temperature and radiation since planting. Season’s progress? provides an objective assessment based on long term records.

  • How is the crop developing compared to previous seasons, based on heat sum?
  • Is there any reason why my crop is not doing as well as usual because of below average rainfall or radiation?
  • Based on seasons progress (and starting conditions from Howwet –N?), should I adjust inputs?


Season’s progress? asks for the weather variable to be explored (rainfall, average daily temperature, radiation, heat sum with base temperatures of 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 oC), a start month and duration.


Text and two graphical presentations are used to show the current season in the context of the average and all years. Departures from the average are shown in a fire risk chart as the departure from the average in units of standard deviation.


The iPhone version of Season’s progress? is based on analyses produced by the Western Australia Department of Agriculture and adapted to the iOS Smart Phone software by RPS Australia East and DHM Environmental Software Engineering Pty Ltd for Managing CliMate Variability Research and Development Program.