How's the Past?

Review historical monthly and annual rainfall, temperature and solar radiation patterns.

Rain, temperature & radiation

How’s the Past? uses long term (1949 to present) rainfall and temperature data and presents sequences of monthly and annual values to allow you to explore relationships and patterns. How’s the Past? is an experimental presentation of historic weather data.

How’s the Past? is for people why wish to look through historic records to explore patterns of rainfall throughout the year and across years. It allows you to look at the big picture and to see if there are relationships between El Nino and La Nina conditions and weather.

How’s the Past? does not answer any specific question but rather provides a means to visually explore past weather sequences and extremes. The aim is to provide you with an efficient way to build up a picture of seasonal and annual variability, and also to explore the strength and usefulness of ENSO in explaining past weather.


Select rainfall or temperature.


How’s the Past? presents graphs of average monthly values, annual values and ENSO status, and a monthly “mud map” of values.


How’s the Past? is an experimental analysis developed by Dr David McClymont of DHM Environmental Software Engineering Pty Ltd.