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Users of Australian CliMate should be aware that the data stream from Silo is based on a mix if real-time and interpolated data from several thousand sites across Australia. In order to create complete records of climate variables, a range of interpolation methods are applied. The analyses within Australian CliMate should not be used to gauge exact values for any date or location as the apparent values are often derived from "nearest neighbour" sites and smoothed surfaces.

If further detail is required on the level of interpolation of data used from Silo: "Scientific Information for Land Owners" (https://silo.longpaddock.qld.gov.au/) they should consult the www site for site-specific information at  https://silo.longpaddock.qld.gov.au/ .


Use of Bureau of Meteorology data by other providers

Subject to the Bureau of Meteorology's copyright notice The Bureau welcomes the use and redistribution of its data in the interests of keeping Australians better informed. In return, they request that all Bureau data is correctly attributed to help us optimise the delivery of the most accurate, timely and accessible information.

While the Bureau's weather, water, climate and environmental data is available to all public and industry channels, they do not guarantee the accuracy or consistency of information presented on third-party websites or mobile applications, nor endorse the providers who utilise this information. They are also unable to confirm that data provided by third parties is sourced solely from the Bureau of Meteorology.